NFL Playoff Prediction

NFL Playoff Prediction

Here is my prediction on the result of every single game and how things will play out in the build up to the most watched show in the World, the SuperBowl. The AFC seems pretty straight forward this year, even though anything can happen given home ground and momentum. However, my prediction on the NFC could be massively wrong given the level of competition right now. So before the Wild Card weekend starts, here are my predictions…

AFC Wild Card:

Miami Dolphins vs Pittsburgh Steelers: In this matchup I believe that the Steelers will grind out a win against a strong, but not good enough yet Miami Dolphins. The Steelers have some defensive doubts but the star power of “Big Ben” in the air and Bell on the ground should be enough to overcome Miami.

Oakland Raiders vs Houston Texans: Despite losing star quarterback Carr, I still predict that the Raiders will go to Houston and come back with a spot in the divisionals. Houston were very fortunate to get into the Wild Card spots and they quite simply do not belong there.

AFC Divisionals:

Oakland Raiders vs New England Patriots: The Pats. Easily the most balanced team in the game right now, play to everyone’s strengths defensively, they have one of the best players the game has ever seen and he will turn up once again to knock off a very strong Oakland side.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Kansas Chiefs: Kansas are such a good side and have one of the best defensive units in the game right now, I think they will be too strong for this Steelers side on home ground and book a place into the Conference final. However, an inform Steelers side could quite easily turn them over.

AFC Conference:

Kansas Chiefs vs New England Patriots: The Pats, just. SuperBowl.

NFC Wild Card:

Detroit Lions vs Seattle Seahawks: Detroit showed in their last two games against Packers and Cowboys that they do not have what it takes to win on the big stage, they will not defeat Wilson’s Seahawks.

New York Giants vs Green Bay Packers: This is an insane matchup for a wildcard game, apart from Odell Beckham’s few catches a game, their offence is not good enough to beat the Packers. Especially with how good the Packers are right now with possibly the best player in the game right now.

NFC Divisionals:

Green Bay Packers vs Dallas Cowboys: Aaron Rodgers and co will not have enough to defeat the combination of Zeke and Dak. The Cowboys offence is on another level, they will score points, but they could struggle shutting down A-Rod. I predict the Cowboys, but the experience from Green Bay could cause an upset.

Seattle Seahawks vs Atlanta Falcons: UPSET. Russell take over, Seattle defence steps up, Seahawks win.

NFC Conference:

Seattle Seahawks vs Dallas Cowboys: The rookies in Dallas win this one and take Dallas to the SuperBowl, this could be the Cowboys last good moment of the season though…


New England Patriots vs Dallas Cowboys: The exact same as last year. The veteran QB overcomes the inexperience of a side that has a lot of heat but lack that knowledge in those decisive moments. Tom Brady wins that 5th ring, Zeke and Dak fall short.

Do you agree?




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