Agenda against Rooney?

Agenda against Rooney?

After seeing what was going around on social media and the news hours after setting another record, I thought that it would be relevant to speak about something that has always had me confused. Just why do the media hate Wayne Rooney?

On Saturday, Wayne Rooney matched the record set by Sir Bobby Charlton for the most goals scored playing for Manchester United. This is an outrageous record given that they are historically one of the most decorated clubs ever to exist, and currently one of the biggest clubs in the world, both financially and successfully. But yet again, the media ignored this and did not give him the recognition he deserves, instead they publicised the fact that a Reading player rejected to swap shirts with him. Not only was this irrelevant, it was also a false story and very much mediated as the player later tweeted a picture of Rooney’s landmark shirt with kind regards. This comes shortly after the media absolutely tore Wayne Rooney apart for having a few drinks at a wedding, I do not have an explanation for this, as he was doing nothing wrong and harming nobody. Yet the media a week later were processing stupid headlines such as “the drinks are on me” after Roberto Firmino scored a day later after being found guilty of drink driving. This is appalling, Firmino could have caused serious harm by breaking this law, but the media chose to ignore the harsh reality of this. I do not understand why this is and there is no explanation, the only thing I can assume is that the media choose to do this because Wayne Rooney is English, and Roberto Firmino is a talented Brazilian with the ending “ino”.

Wayne Rooney is one of the best players to ever wear a Manchester United shirt, and an England shirt, given the records he has broke you could also make a case that he is the best. England will be fortunate to see another player break the records he has set, or the records that he will have set when his career is over. You will never see the English media saying any of this though, it will continuously be negative media towards someone who is doing nothing but good for his country. There are also many victims of this, not just Wayne Rooney. Recent examples include: Raheem Sterling, John Stones and Tom Cleverley. Raheem Sterling, whilst at Liverpool, was the hottest young talent around. But as soon as he moves to Manchester City all you hear about is how much of a gold digger he is, completely ignoring the talent and worldwide potential of this young superstar. Also, he now apparently is much worse of a player, despite doubling his contribution of stats since moving to Manchester City. The next player John Stones is another great example. He receives nothing but great media as he blossoms at Everton, but as soon as he moves to Manchester City he is also criticised heavily and branded overrated because he has made a few mistakes. The two are barely even adults yet the English media try their best to crucify them. The last example is Tom Cleverley, a fairly average player, but was used as a scapegoat when Manchester United performed poorly under David Moyes. Rather than criticising key players such as Nemanja Vidic, Robin Van Persie and Patrice Evra they chose to try and ruin a young English player’s career.

The agenda against Wayne Rooney and our own talent needs to stop. It is worrying for the next set of superstars that we have coming. Marcus Rashford and Dele Alli look like they will eventually blossom into world class players, but what happens when they have a run of bad games? How will the media attempt to crucify them? This is all I have to say on the matter, but if we want to perform significantly better in future major tournaments on the world scene then we need to get behind our players instead of criticising them.

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