Why Conor McGregor has a chance against Floyd Mayweather…

Why Conor McGregor has a chance against Floyd Mayweather…

Despite many experts of the fight game either calling this fight a disgrace or saying that it will be heavily one sided, such as: Max Kellerman, Oscar De La Hoya and Mike Tyson, there are many reasons and factors that suggest Conor McGregor has actually got a chance.

Floyd Mayweather is in my eyes the best boxer to ever step in the ring, the little guy has developed his own way of hitting without getting hit, winning, and most importantly making money. He is undoubtedly the biggest draw in boxing, with a record of 49-0 he is bound to have a huge ego, which is why mainly he is disrespected and not given the credit he deserves. We have established over the past couple of decades that this man can not be beating at boxing, he can outbox any boxing style, he has beaten legends of the game ; Manny Pacquaio, Oscar De La Hoya, Marcos Maidana, Canelo Alvarez, Miguel Cotto and many more have all fallen to the defensive master.

Whilst Floyd Mayweather has been building his legacy, a little Irish man with an enormous mouth has been breaking all records in mixed martial arts. Many people have taken to “Mystic Mac” with his funny comments, exquisite fashion style and most importantly his success inside the octagon. His most impressive victory came after knocking out the “pound for pound King” Jose Aldo, after months of build up, Conor McGregor knocked him out with a sweet left hand proving his power once again. This cemented his featherweight legacy, but then he broke another impressive record becoming the first fighter under the UFC to hold two belts simultaneously when he embarrassed lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez.

The fact is, despite Floyd Mayweather’s brilliance, the factors do side with Conor McGregor, he always has a plan. Although this is a different sport, one that Conor is a rookie in and one that Floyd has mastered, this could potentially help Conor. He has so much tape to watch of Floyd, I think that he will develop some sort of plan that takes away the shoulder roll that Floyd has perfected, something that no one has ever been able to do. To add to that, Floyd will have no idea what to expect of Conor McGregor. Floyd hasn’t been in the ring for nearly 2 years, and his age is way past prime, where as Conor is clearly in his physical prime. Going into the fight, he will have the bigger reach and likely more size when they both step in the ring on August 26th. Conor McGregor, even though he has nothing to lose, would not have taken this fight if he didn’t believe that he could formulate a game plan to neutralise the excellence of Floyd Mayweather. At the end of the day, we have never seen something like this so to completely avoid the possibility of a Conor McGregor win would be unwise.

In my opinion, Floyd Mayweather will win the fight, either stopping McGregor in the very late rounds (10-12) or on points convincingly. However, Conor McGregor has a chance to catch Mayweather and puzzle him in those early rounds whilst Mayweather is a little rusty. We know that McGregor can hit from anywhere, this will be his chance to put a stamp on the fight with the ‘MMA approach’ that Coach Kavanagh has spoken about. Surely Floyd will be too experienced to get involved with the mental side of the fight as we all know Conor can win a battle of the words with anyone. Do not be surprised if Conor McGregor upsets the World, you should be looking forward to this fight actually happening, even if it seems incredibly one sided.


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