2017 Mock Draft NFL

2017 Mock Draft NFL

With the draft coming up this weekend, here is my prediction for who will go where and with what pick, pending no trades. Just for the 32 first round picks.

#1 – Cleveland Browns select defensive end MYLES GARRETT. Probably not the position Cleveland need the most, but can’t see them passing on Garrett who is highly rated by all scouts.

#2 – 49ers select defensive end SOLOMON THOMAS. They need a defensive end and Thomas is definitely the best option behind Myles Garrett.

#3 – Chicago Bears select corner MARSHON LATTIMORE, a great corner out of Ohio State, with Chicago needing to improve their secondary this seems a likely pick.

#4 – Jacksonville Jaguars select LEONARD FOURNETTE, Fournette is the best running back out of this draft class, the build of him is very freakish and he would be a useful tool for the Jaguars.

#5 – Tennessee Titans select MIKE WILLIAMS, with Mariota looking promising the Titans need to improve their weapons. I see them picking the best wide receiver in the class to link up with Mariota.

#6 – New York Jets select JAMAL ADAMS, this pick could go anywhere and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jets actually took a risk on Deshaun Watson with them needing a quarterback. But, I think they’ll go with the more safe option of safety Adams.

#7 – Los Angeles Chargers select MALIK HOOKER, safety after safety here. If the Jets don’t take Adams then he could land here, but the Chargers definitely need a defensive piece.

#8 – Carolina Panthers select CHRISTIAN MCCAFFREY, the running back had an impressive combine and with the Panthers needing a running back I would say Mccaffrey is the second best option behind Fournette.

#9 – Cincinnati Bengals select JONATHON ALLEN, I imagine the Bengals taking a defensive end so Allen should round up 3 DE’s going in the top 10.

#10 – Buffalo Bills select MITCHELL TRUBISKY, I can see the Bills taking a quarterback and going with Trubisky, I also think they’ll regret this as he will wind up as a bust, not the answer to their problems.

#11 – New Orleans Saints select GAREON CONLEY, the Saints have a great offence but they need to improve the defence immediately in order for Drew Brees to make the most of his threats.

#12 – Cleveland Browns select DESHAUN WATSON, I think he will finally go with the 12th pick, a lot of people are excited to see what he can do after his brilliant finals performance for Clemson in the comeback over Alabama.

#13 – Arizona Cardinals select JOHN ROSS, after his blistering record setting 40 yard dash, I think the Cardinals will take a risk on Ross rather than Corey Davis just because of the combine results.

#14 – Philadelphia Eagles select REUBEN FOSTER, this pick could literally go anywhere, but I think they will improve their defence by taking the first linebacker out of Alabama.

#15 – Indianapolis Colts select TAKKARIST MCKINLEY, another defensive end goes, the Colts simply have to improve their defence, they cant afford to waste Andrew Luck’s prime years.

#16 – Baltimore Ravens select O.J HOWARD, the first tight end for me in this draft, same again the Ravens pick could go anywhere but I’m sure they will use it to give Joe Flacco an extra piece.

#17 – Washington Redskins select DALVIN COOK, a very exciting running back out of Florida State, the Redskins should improve their offence if they want to compete with Cowboys and Giants in their divison.

#18 – Tennessee Titans select TRE’DAVIOUS WHITE, this pick could very well be traded with having an earlier pick to add an already well established corner but I think they will take White out of Louisana.

#19 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers select DEREK BARNETT, the defensive end love fest continues, Tampa Bay will select Barnett to improve their defence as Winston looks to settle into their franchise quarterback.

#20 – Denver Broncos select RYAN RAMCZYK, the Broncos had a shocker of a season last year and definitely need to improve their offensive line to protect the quarterback.

#21 – Detroit Lions select HAASON REDDICK, they need a linebacker so the Lions will look at Reddick from Temple to improve their defence.

#22 – Miami Dolphins select TACO CHARLTON, you guessed it, another defensive end, the Dolphins will use this pick to improve their defence but it could go outside of this position with so many already being picked.

#23 – New York Giants select CAM ROBINSON, they need to protect Eli more as he has a lot of options this year that could put them into a playoff run.

#24 – Oakland Raiders select JARRAD DAVIS, the Raiders definitely need a linebacker to help them out and Davis is the best of those left, they look promising going into next year.

#25 – Houston Texans select PATRICK MAHOMES, the Texans desperately need a quarterback so I expect to take a risk on Mahomes.

#26 – Seattle Seahawks select KEVIN KING, a cornerback would be a good addition, especially with star corner Richard Sherman there to help.

#27 – Kansas City Chiefs select QUINCY WILSON, another cornerback goes with this pick as the Chiefs look to improve their already stable defence.

#28 – Dallas Cowboys select ADOREE JACKSON, the Cowboys will use this pick on a defensive piece after their disappointing playoff appearance on the defensive part.

#29 – Green Bay Packers select JOE MIXON, they need a running back but this pick will go on a cornerback if one of the previous three aren’t taken.

#30 – Pittsburgh Steelers select T.J WATT, welcome the first outside linebacker to the draft, Watt looks promising and will be a good asset for the Steelers.

#31 – Atlanta Falcons select FORREST LAMP, they definitely need to protect Ryan a lot more after their embarrassing Super Bowl choke.

#32 – New England Patriots select BUDDER BAKER, this could literally go on anything and you’d expect Bellicheck to turn the player into absolute quality.


Donald Trump – Open Your Mind. (includes conspiracy theories)

Donald Trump – Open Your Mind. (includes conspiracy theories)

I don’t normally write about anything involving Politics and the craziness / corruption surrounding it. But I felt like after spending large amounts of time researching the facts behind US Politics, the media and the new President Donald Trump that there are messages that need to be brought forward for the World to see. You see, Politics is so complicated that it can be so easily twisted and formulated into something that it is not; the government work with the highest people from all around the World and the highest members of the media. As many of you may know, there is a conspiracy theory named the ‘Illuminati’ which is realistically possible and can swing the mind of someone who usually would not be interested in anything that is so deep, this links in with World leaders working together to rule the World. One person who is certainly not part of the alleged ‘Illuminati’ is Donald Trump, this man is so far ahead of the game and has dangerous secrets that he can expose, which leads the media and other leaders such as Hilary Clinton to try and label him as things that he is not. These allegations are then shared around the power that we have in the 21st century which is social media. This leads to the average person who does not take any interest in Politics to break into an outrage over very mediated pieces of fake news.

These leaders are scared of Trump, he knows absolutely everything, and the scariest part is that he is not afraid to release this information. In his reign you can expect to see various conspiracies that have been surrounding the face of the Earth to be revealed in their entirety such as: 9/11 – the government worked with Saudi Arabia, cancer cures and mainly the fact that a lot of members of the government are actually paedophiles. This is where the government’s problems stem with Donald Trump, he has such a high level of knowledge on the fact that many of these World leaders such as Hilary Clinton are part of things such as paedophile rings, As exposed on her emails, you can see disgusting indications towards 9 year olds being used for sexual pleasure. Donald Trump is all for humanity, he will do his best to serve justice to these grim, vile imbeciles and he understands everything that the people stand for in today’s day and age. A big example of this is him trying to pass laws for homosexuals, he has nothing against this sexuality, but the media as tried to label this against him, it’s like a David vs Goliath battle where he constantly has to combat against all the odds. He wants to create a society where everyone has the chance to succeed, there are not many World leaders that care about the people as much as Donald Trump. They say all of this during their speeches before the election, then don’t do things what they include on their manifesto, a part of this is down to how rigid the USA’s codified constitution is, meaning that the law is incredibly hard to change even when in a position of great power. Barack Obama was potentially the most ineffective President to take reign, all he did was double the National Debt (to be fair, he did a decent job with the unemployment rates). Many people believe that he actually was pushed to the position by the CIA, and another conspiracy theory surrounding Barack Obama is that he himself is a bisexual due to the ordering of ‘hot dogs’ to his house. For those of you that don’t know, ‘hot dogs’ are coded to male prostitutes, and I highly doubt that Barack Obama would be spending $65,000 on just normal hot dogs. This is not really relevant but I suppose it’s just another example of Barack Obama not telling the truth. Similar to the time he faked the death of Osama Bin Laden to gain popularity, and also the time he engineered Hurricane Sandy before Election Day in order to create more time for him to get votes as the ballot paper deadline was extended.

The message is, do not form your opinion based on what you see on social media (especially with no research), you are most likely seeing a video that has been forced down your throat and is incredibly mediated towards left-wing activists. As proven recently, Donald Trump is incredibly popular with the US natives. He won the election fair and square, with virtually no political background. In addition to the ‘fair and square’ remark, he also did this whilst Hilary literally stole 5 states from him as the voting was rigged as the system tried anything and everything to stop Donald Trump from winning as they know he is unafraid to tell the truth. Given that the Congress back him, suggesting appropriate amendments then he could become the most effective President the USA ever have.

I know this article has been all about the advantages of Donald Trump, but there is one negative I would like to point out to make sure this is not completely biased. He made a remark a decade ago referring to how woman throw themselves at him due to the money he has. Donald said “I just grab ’em by the pussy”, now I am not defending this statement as it is completely out of order and he received the adequate amount of verbal retribution for it, but yet again it proves the double standards of the World we live in. If Kim Kardashian said she just ‘grabs them by the penis’ referring to her getting any man she wants due to her fame, would the media whip into a frenzy over her disrespecting men? I think not.

Thank you for reading this article, please post comments in the section telling me what you think of Donald Trump and also any of the conspiracy theories that are mentioned.

Champions League Winners?

Champions League Winners?

After a couple of one sided games in last weeks matchdays, the Champions League really seems up in the air this year. Over the past few years, the eventual winners have been pretty predictable, with Zidane’s new look Madrid winning last year, Enrique’s ‘MSN’ the year before and the La Decima before that. I have a feeling that this year’s winner may be a bit of a shock, just like Chelsea when they turned over Munich in the Allianz Arena. So let’s assess the remaining teams…

Real Madrid: Obviously the defending champions have an excellent chance, they haven’t won the league in ages and are in pole position right now so the Champions League will not be priority like last year. But after an impressive 3-1 win over Napoli, and a returning Gareth Bale they will be very hard to beat.

Napoli: Napoli are an excellent side and definitely will be a force to come in the coming years with their brutal attack, I do not see them overturning the 3-1 deficit against Madrid though sadly for them.

Bayern Munich: Possibly the favourites, they haven’t done anything in a few years across Europe, after that impressive thumping over Arsenal last week they may just be the team to beat. It would also be a fitting send off for Alonso and Lahm who are retiring at the end of the year.

Arsenal: Unfortunately another exit in the first round.

Benfica: They scraped a 1-0 victory over Borussia Dortmund at home last week but didn’t look that impressive. After losing Goncalo Guedes they have lost a little fire power too, they will do well to progress to the quarters.

Borussia Dortmund: I think they will overturn Benfica at home, but will struggle in the clutch games that will come after that due to how weak their defence is and poor away form. Thomas Tuchel definitely has something to work with in the future with that young attack though.

Barcelona: Absolutely awful performance in the first leg vs PSG, might as well announce next year’s manager already.

PSG: This could finally be the year, they won’t be worrying about the league and have this solely to focus on. The midfield duo of Rabiot and Verrati looks incredible, they outclassed Barcelona’s excellent midfield last week and the other threats around also looked great.

Bayer Leverkusen: Will struggle against Atletico, not been too good this year, don’t see much for them.

Atletico Madrid: With nothing to play for in the league, I think they will have another good run in this competition. Diego Simeone has shown a ability to set up teams for crunch clashes in important games and he has virtually the same squad this year with a little added power. They have been unlucky over the last few years and it’s only a matter of time before they finally win it before Simeone moves on.

Manchester City: Simply not good enough, don’t see them making it past the quarters, Guardiola does not have the squad that he desires yet.

Monaco: One of the best home records and attacks across Europe, they may cause a couple of upsets with the attack of Falcao, Silva and Lemar but I don’t think the defence will be able to go past the semis.

Leicester City: What a story this would be, but the tie against Sevilla may get embarrassing if they perform like they have been doing in the league.

Sevilla: They have been good in the league this year and have shown that they can perform in Europe. They could be a surprise team this year, if they can replicate previous years.

Porto: Don’t see them getting past this next round, just not strong enough.

Juventus: They have a decent chance of having a good run this year, with the league already in one hand they can have a real go just like they did a couple of years ago.

There are a few contenders this year, but I am going for a PSG vs Atletico Madrid final. If this happens I will take Atletico Madrid as winners. If these are drawn against each other I will take the winner’s of the tie. Admittedly, anybody could take it this year.

Warriors Taking Over?

Warriors Taking Over?

With the Golden State Warriors hitting form, and the Cleveland Cavaliers hitting the rocks a little, is it time to admit that the Golden State Warriors are the favourites to lift the Championship? Before the season began, everyone highlighted that the Warriors would struggle with the defensive end of the ball game as they acquired Kevin Durant, only to lose Bogut and Ezeli. However, that has not been the case as to everyone’s surprise they have been the best defensive team of the season and the acquisition of Kevin Durant has made their defence stronger. In that blowout win at the Oracle against Cleveland, Durant showed that he can even play a little bit of 5 as he shutdown LeBron James partly, something that Durant has struggled to do since he first started matching up with LeBron.

The rivalry between Golden State and Cleveland is pretty much the only relevant thing the NBA has going on this year. You can mention this new rivalry between Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook too, but that’s quite irrelevant due to the Thunder not being a realistic challenge for Golden State. You can also mention the constant beef between ‘Boogie’ Cousins and the refs, but who really cares about the Sacramento Kings? There are no other realistic contenders from the Eastern Conference, and Golden State will likely overhaul any Western team apart from Kahwi’s Spurs who could mount a challenge. Everybody has it set into their minds that the final is already set out between these two super teams.

After making an impressive fourth quarter comeback on Christmas Day, the Cleveland Cavaliers showed that they had the most experience of the two teams. However, last week the Warriors won by 35 points which turned a few heads and made many people believe that the Warriors are by far the superior team due to the star power they have. Since the trade for Kyle Korver, Cleveland’s plans haven’t started superbly, their record has drifted out to 30-12, whilst the impressive Warriors have moved to 37-6. Of course this is just the regular season, which means LeBron will be strolling along, and the defending champions won’t be in that playoff mindset. To add to that, this time last year the Warriors were like 40-3, whilst the Cavaliers were in danger as they had many managerial problems.

The whole NBA are pretty much relying on LeBron to stop this mega team from winning it all, just like last season when he spurred his team to a 3-1 comeback. This season means so much more because of Kevin Durant though and has caused many basketball fans to turn on the Warriors. Here is what I see happening in this years finals (and yes I do think it will be a Warriors-Cavs final).

PG: Steph Curry vs Kyrie Irving. Recent times have showed that Irving is more clutch than Curry. But with less responsibility on the 2x MVP this year it could be his year to shine. Both players are at the top of their game, and reliable scorers for both of their teams. You can’t really make a decision between these two, Curry is unstoppable from the 3pt line, and Kyrie can not be stopped on the drive.

SG: Klay Thompson vs JR Smith. This will obviously be all about JR trying to shut down the impressive Thompson once again. He managed to keep Thompson pretty quiet last year, and obviously popped a few impressive three’s himself. Whoever is guarding Klay, whether it’s Smith, Liggins or Shumpert, their job will be to give him as little room as possible and challenge every shot he puts up. If Klay gets on fire then you can’t stop him, just like he showed in his 37 point quarter against the Kings last year.

SF: Kevin Durant vs LeBron James. The best two players in the World. LeBron can not go into the mode where he thinks that he can jump every shot, he needs to drive into the paint and get the Warriors into foul trouble. Once he did this last year, the Warriors started panicking. On the other hand, Kevin Durant needs to keep popping shots and be as efficient as we all know he can be. Durant has not shown any sign of being clutch throughout his career, this is his major chance on the biggest stage. Everyone knows how impressive he is going forward, but he needs to make a big contribution defending the paint this series.

PF: Draymond Green vs Kevin Love. Green has clearly showed he is the glue to this Warriors team, you know that he will turn up. His major part in this game is to keep Love quiet, like Cleveland will try to do with Thompson. He also needs to protect the paint and get into James’ head. Kevin Love has had a great year thus far when fit, his 3pt range is a danger to any team.

C: Zaza Pachulia vs Tristan Thompson. All these guys need to do is defend the paint, grab rebounds and make as big of a defensive contribution as possible. Everyone knows that this series will be close so that extra rebound could be the difference.

Bench: Obviously these players will be used to give the starters a rest, but there will only be two real relevant players in my opinion that will affect the game massively. Andre Iguadola needs a series like he had 2 years ago. Kyle Korver needs to show the World that he is one of the best shooters of all time, it’s as simple as that, both players will make huge contributions coming off of the bench.

After showing they can actually defend, I predict that the Golden State Warriors will win the Championship 4-2. This series could go either way, and we all know LeBron James can turn a series’ on its head.

Manchester United vs Liverpool thoughts

Manchester United vs Liverpool thoughts

Yesterday was yet another day of social media trying to crucify Manchester United and Paul Pogba as much as possible. Most of yesterday’s football focus was more on the irrelevant things rather than giving praise where it is due. Manchester United carried on their amazing run of form, and Liverpool earned a well fought point with several players missing.

The game as a whole lacked quite a lot of quality, but was very entertaining and very well refereed. Michael Oliver had a superb game, and in my opinion only made one poor decision which was booking Dejan Lovren, the assistant’s also made a couple of mistakes, with Valencia highlighted offside in the lead-up to Manchester United’s first goal, and a booking that Paul Pogba should’ve received for wrestling Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson to the ground.

The first half started off very slow, there were very few chances. Paul Pogba should have give Manchester United the lead, but he dragged his weak foot shot just across the post. Liverpool capitalised on Paul Pogba’s inability to mark the constant aerial threat of Dejan Lovren as he gave away a penalty that James Milner slotted home. With the score at 1-0, Mkhitaryan had a brilliant chance one-on-one with Simon Mignolet but the Belgian keeper pulled off a beautiful save. In a nutshell, the first half was possession based and neither side looked threatening. Anthony Martial was a constant threat down the left side, but struggled to create anything that could have been turned into a goal.

The second half was really a tactical masterclass from Jose Mourinho that completely swung the game into Manchester United’s favour. The first substitute took place at the half, with Wayne Rooney replacing Michael Carrick, this gave Manchester United much more options going forward and Rooney played a huge part in creating the goal. Liverpool sat back in hope that Manchester United would not score, they were very poor going forward at this stage of the game and created nothing. Manchester United carried on the pressure without creating any real key chance, Juan Mata replaced Anthony Martial who had an outstanding performance. Liverpool were shocking at the start of the second half until Phillipe Coutinho entered the field, from this point on he got Roberto Firmino, Adam Lallana and Gigi Wijnaldum ticking. Roberto Firmino should have sealed the game but David De Gea came up with a trademark save. Jose Mourinho figured that the game needed a ‘Plan B’ as Liverpool’s defensive unit was not going to be broken down, on come Marouane Fellaini. Antonio Valencia had much more space down the right side as Phillipe Coutinho often abandoned his defensive duties, Divock Origi who was replaced had done a brilliant job of keeping him at bay. Manchester United finally scored as Wayne Rooney played a brilliant ball to Marouane Fellaini who struck the post, the ball then rebounded to Antonio Valencia who found Zlatan Ibrahimovic to nod home off the bar. Zlatan Ibrahimovic had been non-existent all game until that goal, he was marked out brilliantly by my man of the match Dejan Lovren. The last minutes of the game were end to end, but neither keeper was troubled and the game finished 1-1.

Manchester United ratings:

David De Gea – 8. Distributed the ball excellently, made a few decent saves, could do nothing about the goal.

Antonio Valencia – 7. Did well to create the goal, wasn’t his best attacking display of the season. Kept Divock Origi and Phillipe Coutinho relatively quiet.

Phil Jones – 7. Very good performance, but made a crucial mistake in the lead up to Liverpool’s goal.

Marcos Rojo – 7. Did what he had to do, and did it superbly.

Matteo Darmian – 7. Was great defensively but lacked any real threat going forward.

Michael Carrick – 5. Had a very poor first half, and was correctly substituted at half time.

Paul Pogba – 5. Had a poor game and gave away the goal. Didn’t look his usual self in the midfield against a packed Liverpool side.

Ander Herrera – 7. Carried the Manchester United midfield once again, created a couple of chances and made a few crucial interceptions.

Anthony Martial – 8. Was by far Manchester United’s best player going forward, caused the Liverpool defence real problems and worked back defensively.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan – 7. Another solid outing for the Armenian. Set up Paul Pogba, and should have scored after making a brilliant run.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – 6. Nothing but the goal. Offered very little, but did what he does best to save the day.

Wayne Rooney – 7. Tried his hardest throughout the second half and his hard work paid dividends when Manchester United equalised.

Juan Mata – 7. Was good when he entered the field and gave Manchester United another option with his silkiness.

Marouane Fellaini – 8. An outstanding substitution. Did not lose an aerial duel and battled until the end, clearly in Mourinho’s plans and deservedly so.

Liverpool rating’s:

Simon Mignolet – 8. Showed why he is a great shot stopper, but still looks quite dodgy with his distribution and crosses.

Trent Alexander-Arnold – 6. Struggled a lot against one of the best dribblers in the league, he wasn’t any threat going forward but showed great maturity by having a much stronger half defensively in the second. The 18 year old definitely looks special.

Dejan Lovren – 9. Man of the match. Won everything and basically won Liverpool’s penalty.

Ragnor Klavan – 6. Was very dodgy and out of position, also lost quite a lot of aerial duels especially when Marouane Fellaini came on.

James Milner – 8. Nerves of steel. Good display by the left back and showed why he is a part of the Liverpool side.

Jordan Henderson – 6. Wasn’t really involved in the game too much other than the first 20 minutes.

Emre Can – 6. Same as Jordan Henderson, he did what he had to do defensively but didn’t offer or create anything.

Gigi Wijnaldum – 8. Excellent display from Wijnaldum, he covered every blade on the field and unsettled Paul Pogba throughout.

Adam Lallana – 7. Tried his best to get Liverpool playing good football, pressed well and caused a few mistakes.

Roberto Firmino – 7. Played well without doing anything special, pressed excellently and stuck to his job. Could have scored to seal the game though.

Divock Origi – 7. Had a great game, was a nuisance and marked Antonio Valencia out of the game until he was brought off.

Phillipe Coutinho – 7. Looked dangerous as always and created a couple of chances, however his abandoning of defensive duties gave Manchester United something to capitalise on.


Agenda against Rooney?

Agenda against Rooney?

After seeing what was going around on social media and the news hours after setting another record, I thought that it would be relevant to speak about something that has always had me confused. Just why do the media hate Wayne Rooney?

On Saturday, Wayne Rooney matched the record set by Sir Bobby Charlton for the most goals scored playing for Manchester United. This is an outrageous record given that they are historically one of the most decorated clubs ever to exist, and currently one of the biggest clubs in the world, both financially and successfully. But yet again, the media ignored this and did not give him the recognition he deserves, instead they publicised the fact that a Reading player rejected to swap shirts with him. Not only was this irrelevant, it was also a false story and very much mediated as the player later tweeted a picture of Rooney’s landmark shirt with kind regards. This comes shortly after the media absolutely tore Wayne Rooney apart for having a few drinks at a wedding, I do not have an explanation for this, as he was doing nothing wrong and harming nobody. Yet the media a week later were processing stupid headlines such as “the drinks are on me” after Roberto Firmino scored a day later after being found guilty of drink driving. This is appalling, Firmino could have caused serious harm by breaking this law, but the media chose to ignore the harsh reality of this. I do not understand why this is and there is no explanation, the only thing I can assume is that the media choose to do this because Wayne Rooney is English, and Roberto Firmino is a talented Brazilian with the ending “ino”.

Wayne Rooney is one of the best players to ever wear a Manchester United shirt, and an England shirt, given the records he has broke you could also make a case that he is the best. England will be fortunate to see another player break the records he has set, or the records that he will have set when his career is over. You will never see the English media saying any of this though, it will continuously be negative media towards someone who is doing nothing but good for his country. There are also many victims of this, not just Wayne Rooney. Recent examples include: Raheem Sterling, John Stones and Tom Cleverley. Raheem Sterling, whilst at Liverpool, was the hottest young talent around. But as soon as he moves to Manchester City all you hear about is how much of a gold digger he is, completely ignoring the talent and worldwide potential of this young superstar. Also, he now apparently is much worse of a player, despite doubling his contribution of stats since moving to Manchester City. The next player John Stones is another great example. He receives nothing but great media as he blossoms at Everton, but as soon as he moves to Manchester City he is also criticised heavily and branded overrated because he has made a few mistakes. The two are barely even adults yet the English media try their best to crucify them. The last example is Tom Cleverley, a fairly average player, but was used as a scapegoat when Manchester United performed poorly under David Moyes. Rather than criticising key players such as Nemanja Vidic, Robin Van Persie and Patrice Evra they chose to try and ruin a young English player’s career.

The agenda against Wayne Rooney and our own talent needs to stop. It is worrying for the next set of superstars that we have coming. Marcus Rashford and Dele Alli look like they will eventually blossom into world class players, but what happens when they have a run of bad games? How will the media attempt to crucify them? This is all I have to say on the matter, but if we want to perform significantly better in future major tournaments on the world scene then we need to get behind our players instead of criticising them.

Team Of The Year 2016

Team Of The Year 2016

After an amazing 2016 for all football fans with various surprises such as Leicester winning the Premier League, Zidane’s long unbeaten run, Portugal winning the Euro’s and Zlatan Ibrahimovic finally coming to the Premier League, here is my team of the year.

Before I give mine, here is the official team of the year, which features 8 La Liga players.

Goalkeeper: Gigi Buffon.

Defenders: Sergio Ramos, Leo Bonucci, Gerard Pique, Jerome Boateng.

Midfielders: Luka Modric, Andres Iniesta, Toni Kroos.

Forwards: Lionel Messi, Antoine Griezmann and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Now here is my team of the year, leave yours in the comments down below.

Goalkeeper: Hugo Lloris. This is a difficult one, but I just don’t think that any other goalkeeper performed better than Hugo Lloris in 2016. He was a major part in one of the best defences in the league with Tottenham, he put in some great performances in the Euro’s, and he was awesome for Tottenham yet again in the Champions League. I think you could make a case for quite a few goalkeepers last year, including Keylor Navas, Manuel Neuer, David De Gea and Rui Patricio.

Defenders: Sergio Ramos, Pepe, Diego Godin, Jerome Boateng. Firstly, Sergio Ramos, proved once more his greatness, leading his team to the Champions League and scoring vital goals in the back end of 2016 to ensure his side stay unbeaten, a truly great defender and a nightmare for strikers to face. Next up, Pepe. What an incredible year it was for Pepe, playing a major role for both club and country, he is now also playing with controlled aggression and maturity. Next, Diego Godin, now this was a tough choice but he gets the nod given how good he was in the first half of 2016. Played a key role in Atletico’s push for the title and brilliant Champions League run, the Atletico defence always struggles without him. Lastly, Jerome Boateng. Another solid year for Bayern Munich and had a brilliant Euro’s apart from the stupid penalty he gave away in the quarter finals. Notable mentions go to Leo Bonucci, Thiago Silva and David Luiz who have all had brilliant years.

Midfielders: Luka Modric, Toni Kroos, N’golo Kante. 2 certainties and a controversial pick here. Firstly, Luka Modric and Toni Kroos. Nothing needs to be said about these 2 now. They are the best centre midfielders in the game, they may be overtaken in the future but they are both playing wonderfully and a huge factor in Real Madrid’s brilliant 2016. Now, N’golo Kante, give credit where credit is due. Any side with this little warrior in their side will have a chance of winning the league, despite not being a natural on the ball he covers all areas of the field and would slot into any side apart from maybe Barcelona. It will be hard for him to have a better year than this. If Iniesta and KdB were not injured for lengthy spells they would be in for a shout, as would Paul Pogba but he was quiet at the start of the year.

Forwards: Lionel Messi, Antoine Griezmann, Cristiano Ronaldo. Definitely the easiest choice for forwards in a long time, an explanation is barely needed. Lionel Messi, superb, again. Cristiano Ronaldo, European Champion, Ballon D’Or, exceptional season. Antoine Griezmann also cemented himself as one of the best players in the game, turning up when it mattered most, leading his teams to finals and capturing a few individual awards along the way. Mentions also to Zlatan Ibrahimovic who has loved every minute of the Premier League so far and scored the second most goals in 2016, Luis Suarez who ripped up the La Liga, helping Barcelona secure the league whilst scoring the fourth most goals in the calendar year and Gareth Bale who would’ve been a bigger contender if he was not injured.