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Donald Trump – Open Your Mind. (includes conspiracy theories)

Donald Trump – Open Your Mind. (includes conspiracy theories)

I don’t normally write about anything involving Politics and the craziness / corruption surrounding it. But I felt like after spending large amounts of time researching the facts behind US Politics, the media and the new President Donald Trump that there are messages that need to be brought forward for the World to see. You see, Politics is so complicated that it can be so easily twisted and formulated into something that it is not; the government work with the highest people from all around the World and the highest members of the media. As many of you may know, there is a conspiracy theory named the ‘Illuminati’ which is realistically possible and can swing the mind of someone who usually would not be interested in anything that is so deep, this links in with World leaders working together to rule the World. One person who is certainly not part of the alleged ‘Illuminati’ is Donald Trump, this man is so far ahead of the game and has dangerous secrets that he can expose, which leads the media and other leaders such as Hilary Clinton to try and label him as things that he is not. These allegations are then shared around the power that we have in the 21st century which is social media. This leads to the average person who does not take any interest in Politics to break into an outrage over very mediated pieces of fake news.

These leaders are scared of Trump, he knows absolutely everything, and the scariest part is that he is not afraid to release this information. In his reign you can expect to see various conspiracies that have been surrounding the face of the Earth to be revealed in their entirety such as: 9/11 – the government worked with Saudi Arabia, cancer cures and mainly the fact that a lot of members of the government are actually paedophiles. This is where the government’s problems stem with Donald Trump, he has such a high level of knowledge on the fact that many of these World leaders such as Hilary Clinton are part of things such as paedophile rings, As exposed on her emails, you can see disgusting indications towards 9 year olds being used for sexual pleasure. Donald Trump is all for humanity, he will do his best to serve justice to these grim, vile imbeciles and he understands everything that the people stand for in today’s day and age. A big example of this is him trying to pass laws for homosexuals, he has nothing against this sexuality, but the media as tried to label this against him, it’s like a David vs Goliath battle where he constantly has to combat against all the odds. He wants to create a society where everyone has the chance to succeed, there are not many World leaders that care about the people as much as Donald Trump. They say all of this during their speeches before the election, then don’t do things what they include on their manifesto, a part of this is down to how rigid the USA’s codified constitution is, meaning that the law is incredibly hard to change even when in a position of great power. Barack Obama was potentially the most ineffective President to take reign, all he did was double the National Debt (to be fair, he did a decent job with the unemployment rates). Many people believe that he actually was pushed to the position by the CIA, and another conspiracy theory surrounding Barack Obama is that he himself is a bisexual due to the ordering of ‘hot dogs’ to his house. For those of you that don’t know, ‘hot dogs’ are coded to male prostitutes, and I highly doubt that Barack Obama would be spending $65,000 on just normal hot dogs. This is not really relevant but I suppose it’s just another example of Barack Obama not telling the truth. Similar to the time he faked the death of Osama Bin Laden to gain popularity, and also the time he engineered Hurricane Sandy before Election Day in order to create more time for him to get votes as the ballot paper deadline was extended.

The message is, do not form your opinion based on what you see on social media (especially with no research), you are most likely seeing a video that has been forced down your throat and is incredibly mediated towards left-wing activists. As proven recently, Donald Trump is incredibly popular with the US natives. He won the election fair and square, with virtually no political background. In addition to the ‘fair and square’ remark, he also did this whilst Hilary literally stole 5 states from him as the voting was rigged as the system tried anything and everything to stop Donald Trump from winning as they know he is unafraid to tell the truth. Given that the Congress back him, suggesting appropriate amendments then he could become the most effective President the USA ever have.

I know this article has been all about the advantages of Donald Trump, but there is one negative I would like to point out to make sure this is not completely biased. He made a remark a decade ago referring to how woman throw themselves at him due to the money he has. Donald said “I just grab ’em by the pussy”, now I am not defending this statement as it is completely out of order and he received the adequate amount of verbal retribution for it, but yet again it proves the double standards of the World we live in. If Kim Kardashian said she just ‘grabs them by the penis’ referring to her getting any man she wants due to her fame, would the media whip into a frenzy over her disrespecting men? I think not.

Thank you for reading this article, please post comments in the section telling me what you think of Donald Trump and also any of the conspiracy theories that are mentioned.